Pandemic Humor Cards
I digitally painted these designs in Procreate, then arranged the final design in Photoshop
Floral Watercolor Pop-Up Card
All pieces were painted, cut, and placed by hand
Hand-painted watercolor flowers
Hand-painted watercolor flowers
3D Pop-up Card
3D Pop-up Card
Up-Themed Anniversary Card
I digitally drew all elements of the card, then printed, cut, and pasted them together. The house design is specifically drawn to look like the home of the couple being celebrated.
3D Lattice with Sunflowers
I created a custom die-cut for the flowers, leaves, and lettering, then added additional details with colored pencil. 
Watercolor Painting
I painted the design with watercolors, then scanned it into Photoshop for the final design.
Gold Embossing with Colored Pencil
I used a stamp with embossing powder to create the outlines and then filled it in with colored pencil. I cut the pieces out and arranged them in layers onto the card
Digital Sunflower Bouquet
I digitally painted the bouquet, then used Photoshop to print and cut the design.
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