Final Animation
Story Board
Digitally hand-drawn and annotated by me
Concept + Copy Document
I worked with copywriters to concept and design the flow of the video. I also took feedback from the creative directors.
Rare Disease Day infographic video storyboard
[Dudnyk orange/red/blue, hand-drawn aesthetic throughout]
Frame 1:
[image of patients]
~7,000 known rare diseases…

Frame 2:
[image of patients, zooms in on a few in the bottom right corner] 
And only 5% of them have treatments.

Frame 3:
We’re ready support more than 300 million patients worldwide through
Frame 4:
Educating physicians
Raising awareness
Promoting orphan brands
Frame 5:
[Highlight the other patients]
[copy] And are excited to contribute to the work still to be done
Frame 6:
[image of people fades out, might just be blank, red slate or that cool, hand-drawn look] 
[copy fades in and out]
37 years after the Orphan Drug Act
450 treatments
And ~6,550 to go.
Frame 7:
[copy fades in]
There’s work to be done this Rare Disease Day.
Frame 8:
[copy fades in]
[insert hand-drawn Dudnyk building if space. It looks cool]
Happy Rare Disease Day from all of us at Dudnyk! 
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