The challenge
Ocean Spray needed to make itself relevant to Millennials ages 25-35. Ocean Spray sells well among the Baby Boomer demographic, but the younger audience isn't convinced. 

Vector versions of product shots bring a fresh and modern feel to Ocean Spray's look without changing the well-known packaging.

Our answer
We empowered Millennials to “make waves” in their everyday lives and communities, fueled by the tart and bold flavor of cranberry. Apple, orange, and grape products all have multiple brands fighting for market share, but Ocean Spray is the category leader for cranberry. So, we harnessed the power of cranberry and its tart, bold flavor. 
We grab Millennials attention on the way to the grocery store to capitalize on top of mind awareness.
Point of purchase
We grab consumers' attention at point of purchase in Kroger and Target grocery stores with eye-catching floor stickers, cart ads, and point of purchase register ads.
We took advantage of the top-of-mind awareness of Ocean Spray during the holiday season by creating holiday-themed ads and adding special holiday recipes to Ocean Spray's website.
My role
I stepped up as the lead designer for the 20-page plans book detailing our campaign strategy, creative, and metrics. Overall, I contributed to team strategy and creative executions. I also assisted in designing the animated Keynote presentation for our final presentation in New York City. 

View high resolution PDF of the plans book here.
Here's our media plan.
Our team's number crunchers prove that our campaign increases household penetration by .5% in just one year, gains a 7% increase in brand equity, and results in a 1.57 ROI. 
The result
We won 2nd place in District 2 and gained an unforgettable 3 months working on a full “agency” team alongside talented advertising students. 
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